ATS Diesel 68RFE Aluminum Transmission Pan | 3019002326 | 2007.5 - 2017 CUMMINS 6.7L

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Transmission Pan, ATS Aluminum +5 Qt, 68RFE

ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan (+4.5qts capacity on 2wd, +4qts on 4wd) - 2007.5+ Dodge 2500/3500 w/ 68RFE 6-Speed Automatic Transmissions

Note: ATS strongly suggests replacing the plastic coupler with our billet aluminum filter coupler (ATS p/n 301-021-2326). These allow the installer to torque the filter in place like an oil filter to ensure a positive seal. The factory plastic couplers are very prone to cracking if over-torqued. If under-torqued, engine vibrations will eventually cause the filter to fall off. In either situation, transmission oil pressure is lost and will severely damage the transmission.