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The EZ Lynk AutoAgent is new and updated! The AutoAgent 2.0 now comes with ELD Support. ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. It is DOT-certified electronic hardware that connects to the vehicle's engine to record driving hours. 

Important Note:

  • Compatible with newer iOS and Android devices
  • For Android instructions please view the Installation Guide
  • For iOS instructions, please view the Installation Guide 2


  • Record and store your last 7 days and current 24 hours of data locally
  • Access up to 6 months of recorded ELD logs on demand
  • Provide data to officials on demand via the web, email, or on-screen inspection
  • Add and operate with a co-drive and edit HOS rules via the Settings menu

ELD System Daily Usage:

  • Verify the AutoAgent device is connected to the vehicle's data port
  • Place your ignition on the ON position
  • Connect your mobile device to the AutoAgent via your device's Wi-Fi settings
  • Launch the EZ LYNK ELD app by tapping the app icon on your mobile device

DOT Inspections Made Easy:

  • Begin Inspection - Tap and hand over your mobile device for inspection of your last 7 days and current 24 hours of logs
  • Send Logs - Senda copy of your logs for the last 7+ days via web or email
  • Routing Code - Enter an optional comment or routing code provided by the inspecting safety officer
  • Instant Delivery - Tap send to complete and send all required logs to FMCSA
  • On-Screen Inspection - Conveniently organized list of logs sorted by date
  • Log Tab - Display the selected 24 hours in a grid with list of events
  • Information Tab - Open and view log info of the selected log
  • Event List - List of events will provide all information required for inspection

Daily Logging:

  • Certified Logs - Certified logs will always sho a "success" visual indicator
  • Log Alerts - If a log needs your attention, the app will display an alert indicator
  • Log Details - The daily log interface details events and offers the ability to certify a log
  • Edit Events - Edit events to add some missing required details, such as location, or to add a comment