Fleece Performance 2nd Gen Swap Kit & S400 Turbocharger | 2013 - 2017 CUMMINS 6.7L


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2nd Gen Swap Kit


This kit from Fleece Performance Engineering is referred as a “2nd Gen Swap” due to the turbo relocating from the back of the manifold to the same location as the 2nd Generation Dodge (1998.5-2002) turbo location. In other words, the swap kit locates the turbo in the center of the manifold with the outlet flange angled down. The major benefit for 2003+ Common Rail Cummins trucks is the use of a divided manifold. Capitalizing on the individual cylinder impulses in a divided manifold greatly increases spool up and driving characteristics with a properly matched turbo.


Fleece Performance Engineering 2nd Gen Swap kits come as a complete kit and include:

  • T4 Divided Turbine Flange Gasket
  • Short Stud Kit
  • 2003+ Cummins Turbo Oil Feed Line Kit for S300 and S400 Turbos in 2nd Gen Location
  • Cummins Turbo Drain Tube Adapter
  • -10 to 7/8"-14 Straight Male Black w/ O-Ring (FPE-78-14-10AN)
  • Turbo Drain Flange Adapter (7/8-14 o-ring)
  • (2) 3/8"-16x1" Flange Head Bolt
  • (2) M10-1.5x25mm Flange Head Bolt
  • (2) M8 × 1.25 Flange Head for Turbo Drain Kits
  • -10 Braided Steel Cummins Turbo Drain Tube
  • 16MM Metric Port Plug Allen Head (Cummins Coolant Bypass Plug for Automatic Kits)
  • 18MM Metric Port Plug Allen Head
  • Rubber Elbow 5" ID X 45 Degree
  • Intake Elbow with MAF/IAT Bung (Molded)
  • Fleece Performance Custom Air Filter for 2nd Gen Kit
  • (2) Breeze T-Bolt Clamp 3.00" w/ Plate Bolt
  • (2) Breeze T-Bolt Clamp 5.25" w/ Plate Bolt
  • Flat-V Flanged 2nd Gen Downpipe with Clamps
  • 2013-2016 Cummins 2nd Gen Kit CAC Pipe
  • 2003+ Cummins Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
  • S400 VBand Compressor Outlet Clamp
  • O-ring for 90° Turbo Compressor Discharge Adapter
  • (4) Breeze Mini Hose Clamp SAE 8 w/ Plated Hex Screw
  • 4ft 5/8" Heater Hose
  • 2ft 3/4" Thermasheild
  • Tee Connector - 5/8" (15.9 mm)
  • Cummins 68RFE Transmission Dipstick Tube Bracket
  • 4th Gen Cummins Coolant Riser Delete (-10AN)
  • -10 90deg to Hose Barb Black
  • 2013-2016 6.7L Cummins A/C Line Reroute Kit
  • Stainless Steel ARP Cummins Exhaust Manifold Kit with 12 Point Nuts


Kits are available with or without an FPE Coolant Tank, standard T4 Steed Speed Manifold or ATS Cast Manifold.

NOTE: If using your factory coolant tank, you must use a turbo blanket to shield the coolant tank from the turbo exhaust housing heat.