Merchant Automotive Maximum Work Series Transmission Kit Allison 1000 | 2011 - 2016 DURAMAX 6.6L LML


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Merchant Automotive has a long history of building transmissions for customers from all over the country who depend on their truck for many types of applications. The components in the Maximum transmission kits were selected specifically based on our experience working exclusively on the GM Duramax trucks with an Allison transmission.


Why the Work Series?


If you depend on your truck to be there when it counts, the Maximum Work Series Transmission is for you!

Designed to optimize the potential of the Allison transmission even with additional power.  Still maintains the smoothness of a stock transmission for everyday use with increased holding capacity when it counts the most.  Includes everything you need to not only upgrade the transmission, but rebuild it as well.  A truly complete kit to get you back on the road worry free


Kit includes


  • C1-C5 frictions with improved material
  • C1-C5 Steels
  • Hydraulic improvements to increase and maintain line pressure which increase clutch pack clamping force and improves convertor holding power.
  • Complete gasket and seal kit
  • All new genuine Allison Torrington bearings
  • Select bushings common for wear
  • Deep pan (increases capacity)
  • Allison spin on filter
  • New style deep pan filter with increased filtration capacity and lower flow resctriction
  • Filter lock to ensure filter maintains seal preventing leaks and pressure loss
  • Genuine Allison Pressure Switch, latest design for maximum durability
  • Wire harness connector body and seal to repair common issues and prevent leaks
  • Pressure Regulator Spring Service Tool

Looking for even more? 


Look no further then our Maximum Pro Series.  We take the proven reliability of the Work Series and increase capacity even more with additional clutch apply area, heavy duty friction material, and additional hydraulic pressure to ensure Maximum holding capacity.

Designed for use with engines modified above stock, or use of aftermarket components (proper tuning and gearing required).

<: Fitment Chevrolet 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 GMC 2500HD 3500 Chevy 11 12 13 14 15 16 Duramax GM 3/4 1 ton Silverado Sierra :>

Transfer MORE POWER to the ground with improved torque efficiency
Fully furnace brazed pump and turbine assemble\Steel drive splines
Heavy Duty Torrington enclosed needle bearings
Electronically balanced
Lower operating transmission temperatures
Numerous stall speed combinations available to best suit your vehicle and driving habits
Single disc lock-up design using Raybestos clutch linings
Increase fuel mileage 1 to 3 mpg in most cases
Billet steel front cover

MAximum Valve Bodies are disassembled and ultrasonic cleaned to remove all debris.

Upgraded to support increased line pressure.

Improvements for smoother apply into Drive from Park or Reverse.

New Genuine Allison Pressure Switch.

New Genuine Allison Wire Harness.

Dyno tested to ensure quality control standards